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Kelly Smith, R&D
Hewlett-Packard Company

Case Studies

Cisco - Cisco benefits from MIMIC Web and SNMP Simulator for testing Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions (HCS) : PDF (186k).

Lancope/Cisco - Lancope leverages MIMIC NetFlow Simulator StealthWatch System testing, demonstrations and training. : PDF (365k).

Pepco - MIMIC Simulator helps Pepco identifying and preparing for crisis situations. : PDF (329k).

VistaraIT - MIMIC SNMP and Telnet/SSH Simulator provides enterprise grade networks for Vistara : PDF (250k).

SITA - MIMIC Simulator helps keep SITA flying high by helping with Disaster Preparedness and Training: PDF (127k).

Mibtree - Mibtree provides training for multiple Network Management Applications using MIMIC Simulator Suite PDF (1.1M).

APC - MIMIC is powering APC's Quality Assurance process: PDF (81k). See also APC press release.

Avaya - Avaya benefits by using MIMIC for their Sales Demos: PDF (262k).

Xirrus - MIMIC Enables Xirrus for Superior Testing of WiFi management system: PDF (410k).

CA/InteQ - MIMIC provides solutions for Management Service Providers and Outsourcers: PDF (254k).

Seceon - MIMIC helps Seceon develop innovative Data Center/Cloud Security Solution: PDF (210k).

Franklin University - MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA helps student to practice the course work. PDF (127k).

Go Networks - MIMIC helps testing of Wi-Fi NMS : PDF (354k).

FireScope - MIMIC Simulator helps testing of Business Service Management Products: PDF (1.6M).

Fed Tech Services - MIMIC SNMP Simulator helps Fed Tech to provide Network Management Solutions to Federal customers: PDF (350k).

device42 - Device42 chooses MIMIC Simulator Suite for QA & customer support of comprehensive data center management software. : PDF (332k).



Download the MIMIC brochure: PDF (431k).

Learn about MIMIC's applications in the Cable Modem industry: PDF (153k).

Learn about MIMIC's applications using Cisco IOS: PDF (515k).

Learn about MIMIC NetFlow Simulator: PDF (445k).

Learn about MIMIC Virtual Lab - CCNA: PDF (175k).

Learn about MIMIC Virtual Lab - Enterprise: PDF (350k).

MIMIC Application Briefs

White Paper

"Testing the Limits: Enterprise Network Management, Testing and Evaluation": PDF (664k).


Case Studies

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