MIMIC Simulator Suite

MIMIC Virtual Lab

Eli Greenhut, SQA Manager,
Terayon Communication Systems Ltd.

For Enterprises

MIMIC® Simulator Suite MIMIC SNMP Simulator with thousands of devices

A Powerful Network Environment Simulator

MIMIC Virtual Lab Enterprise

  • Easy Evaluation, Testing and Training in Enterprise IT environment

For Cisco Training Organizations or Individuals looking for training aids

Highly Affordable Simulators

MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA MIMIC Virtual Lab for Cisco Certifications
  • A realistic training tool for CCNA certification
  • Online and Desktop versions
  • For beginners to familiarize with the complex environment
  • For experts to sharpen their skills
  • Connect with Cisco Router and Switches using a large set of IOS commands

Kaplan IT CCNA Simulator NEW exit
  • A trusted name in test prep
  • CCNA Certification Courses along with MIMIC Simulator

For SNMP Agent Testing

SilverCreek Exit
  • The #1 Selling SNMP Agent Testing Software - Complementary to SNMP Simulation

For SNMP Development

FREE Evaluation


Mark Truhlar, Vice President, General Manager of IP Telephony,

Matt Basham, Author "Learning by Doing" CCNA Textbook & Program Dir,
St. Petersburg College

April Browne, Director of Product Management,
Kaplan IT Learning
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